Is Side Lighting Worth it?

Thinking of adding some side lighting if it’s worth the effort. Please advise @dbrn32 @MattyBear @OldSchoolGrower @PurpNGold74

Depends on situation really. Most cases i would rather see you invest in overhead lighting. If you’re pretty dialed there and really need to push your grow it can help.


Light bounces around…imagine throwing a handful of ping pong balls from the extent of your upraised arm …they bounce all over and keep bouncing ( best to try it very stoned at first)…this is what one source light does…
I use mirrors to squirt up the light from the sides and underneath the gals…

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Plants don’t absorb light from the undersides of the leaves so side lighting may not offer much help. Putting a reflective surface under your plants only insures you have to wear sunglasses to prune haha.


the Mold spores hate the reflected light is the main reason I bounce the light… I look good in sunglasses by the way :sunglasses:


Great question. Was wondering the same thing. Also, Do I have to comment/reply a certain number of times before I can post my first thread?

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I don’t think so.

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