Is she ready yet? Need help!

Gorilla szkittles outdoor grow. Looks like it’s about ready but not too sure!

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You have a few weeks to go. Start looking at the trichomes when the white pistils brown and recede.


I agree with that statement :point_up:

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Should continue feeding, or should I be flushing at this point?

Keep feeding. There’s still some time. How many weeks flower are you at?

There are a couple of ways to accomplish a flush. One would be to flush with several gallons of plain water a few days before harvest. The other would be to stop feeding a couple of weeks before harvest and letting the plant deplete the nutes in soil.

You are several weeks from harvesting.

Been flowering since about first week of august

Probably a couple more weeks. When the hairs darken and start turning in, look at the trichomes (crystals) with a magnifying tool. This is the best chart I have to gauge them with…

Forget the red and yellow chart at the bottom. Just the pictures of the trichomes. Hairs say your getting ready, trichomes tell you if you are ready.

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A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

Agree with others, still a month out or so. Keep doing what you’ve been doing.