Is she ready to flush?


Hi. I am getting close to the end of my 2nd grow but I am not sure how to time out the flush. I am growing White Widow in dwc. I vegged for 8 weeks. Then switched to flower on 10/19/18. Instinct is telling me to start it now but some online post suggest waiting longer. I apologize as I do not have any pictures of the trichome development but any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Some flush whole last week some flush only last two days before dark period





Look at the tricomes. As soon as you start to see amber, start your flush



I looked at them yesterday and I saw 1 out of the thousands i looked at was amber


read this and well done for posting the super pictures of your grow…yum yum !


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good info in the GUIDES above


I flush two weeks prior to harvest. I determine how close I am to flower by the hairs. As soon as I start seeing red or brown hairs (not from being brushed into or beat up by a fan) I know I have about, 21 days to harvest. Then I factor my two week prior flush from there. Hope that makes sense and I have never had an issue doing it this way. Good luck.


If your in dwc , then you really only need three full days of just water and you should be fine… also make sure that you chop her down 6 hours after lights out or 6 hours before lights on… nutrients will be in the roots and not in the plant… :wink:



best advice above…:


@peachfuzz got to you before I could.

You are several weeks away. You are at the bulking stage now but I saw lots of white pistils which is indicative of active flowering. You don’t want to miss out on that.


Let the pretty Lady…GROW.

She is just getting into her prime. 4 weeks and you will be one very proud farmer.

Merry Xmas…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v::star_struck: