Is she ready to cut down?

Here is an auto of northern lights seeded on 10/10/18. Trying to tell if she’s ready.

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Sorry if the pictures aren’t the best

Indoor or outdoor?

It is indoors


Looks like you have some milky/amber resin glands, am i correct cannot see close enough.

Yea I tried to show them as best I could but I could see clearly under microscope

Also She had been under 18/6 hours of light the entire grow

Thats fine for an auto, but if you have amber resin glands that means they are degrading, time to harvest mate. Let us know how it smokes :+1::kangaroo:

Yes sir will do

Looks great ! Shes ready to smoke

Very curious about your plant lol as im growing a NL auto aswell she is in the 8th week now

Mine is a complete dwarf compared to that

Looks very milky in the pics if you have a loop or microscope as long as your seeing all milky and amber trics then I say you should be good from what I’m reading!!

I agree, if its not full of clear trichs and you have a little going amber, she’s ready. I couldn’t really see for myself though, sorry.

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Cut that bitch!