Is she ready to chop or let her sit another week or so

This is my first real grow, I’ve grown reggie in the past and just let it go until the plant was yellow. I decided to try and step up my game a little and bought seeds, white cookies by crop king. now I’m trying to figure out the best time to harvest. any help is greatly appreciated

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How long in flower, indoor or outdoor, if indoor what lights, what soil, nutes etc. Looks like you have a ways to go: 3 weeks?


The tops of the bud look ok…can’t tell anything more without a full out nude sideways pic of the whole plant.

Your girls have more than a couple weeks to go. You want those little white fuzzy hairs to curl down changing into a rich golden orange/red hair. From that point you can begin to check your trichs and harvest at desired potency- see other forums/post regarding reading your trichs. Bud-Blessings to you!

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Welcome to the forum! I’m also wondering if these are indoor or outdoor and how long since you first seen pistils? What I can see, would probably let them go a little while longer of you can.