Is she ready to chop down

First time grower in oklahoma, received these clones from various sources, this one i put in living soil started flowering really quick in comparison to my other plants, i think she needs about a week or more to go, just looking for advice. what do you guys think


Great looking grow! Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

IMO you got a few weeks, still lots of white hairs, start checking the trichomes.

i guess i need to get a loop and get a better look. Anyone have any idea why that 1 plant would flower before the others? it was a clone so i highly doubt it was an auto?

I’m new also, but I made a few clones from trimmings and at about 6 inches tall they’ve also started to flower. The clones are the same age as the mother, so they mature when she does.

I’m also in Oklahoma, My clones flowered very early this year as opposed to what my seeds did last year
I will be going back to seeds next year to try to get a bigger yield.

ya i plan on using fem seeds from now on, i ordered some and they don’t look that great but i was able to buy some in town at a reasonable price. thanks guys!

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I agree with @Zee. Looks like you’ve still got some time. She’s gonna be FAT!


Def a few weeks. Once the white hairs starts being more orange. Also the leaves are still pretty green; the plant should start using up nutes and start yellowing some before she’s fully done.

I really appreciate all the feedback guys!

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I would cut all those leaves down on those cuts at least half way. You need roots not leaves other than that carry on my friend.