Is she ready? Thoughts?


Good morning all!

This is my first real grow, so here are a couple questions…

First, this is how she looks…she is 8 weeks into flower…its a purple Haze which has an 8-10 week flowering period. I stopped nutrients a week ago and it’s been plain pH water since. Is this how they look at the end when they basically start to eat themselves?

And next, is she ready to harvest based on the 20% amber rule? I would be looking for more of an energetic effect and not a couch lock effect. The below pics are all from different spots on the plant…180609_063322180609_063502180609_063106180609_063610180609_063222180609_063659

Thanks everyone for your feedback!


Shes a beauty!! Id say your very close. I personally would wait but i like couchlock


Looking great :+1:
Id say you can take it down if you wanted to
All depends on the amount of couch lock your looking for
More amber tricombes the more couch lock (night time smoke)
More cloudy tricombes more of a head high ( daytime smoke )


@Laurap @Countryboyjvd1971

Ok so the way she is looking now would be better for a daytime high? That’s what I’m going for…


Yippee, harvest time


She’s beautiful! I agree, if you’re looking for a daytime high i would cut her down now.


Chop chop…TIMBER!!!
She’s a real beauty, it’s a shame to have to cut such a pretty plant lol. I think you will be happy. I go for mostly cloudy for my tricomes as um pretty much high from wake to sleep. But I believe this also costs me some late swell but unfortunately this is how I prefer my smoke


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Since this is my first real grow I don’t want to mess anything up. I chopped her Sunday and hung her.

As far as drying and curing…

For drying, the tent is 68 degrees and fluctuates between 55 and 65% RH. There is PLENTY of airflow.
Does that sound good for an environment?

When it comes time to jar them, do I leave them on the strem or no?


I cut stems off, then into m jars burping for at least couple weeks, then bovida. Some strains take longer to cure. Im sure there will be plenty of taste tests :wink:


You want to dry them until the buds snap off main stem at this point trim to your liking I personally like a nice close trim removing as much of the leaf material as possible
And them place in jars
Burp jars twice a day for the first two weeks min of 15 minuets each time
Sometimes if the buds feel like they are to moist i will remove them from jars and place on a parchment paper or something similar for a few hours them return to jars
Them burp them once a day for another two weeks after that youll have cured product and you can check on them once a week
The longer you cure the better the flavor will be and potency so take your time with this stage
You can start smoking it once it is dry but it gets better with age :wink:
The environment your working with sounds good
Don’t worry if it takes a week or two before it dry enough to put in jars I perfer the slow drying method myself i feel you end up with a better product
Happy growing and woohoo on your first harvest brother :v:️ CB


@Laurap @Countryboyjvd1971

Thanks for the help!


Anytime hope it helps


Congrats it’s a great feeling to be able to smoke what you grew.


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 alot of times I will notice they feel wet so I will let them sit out for a few hrs


Great job mate , I think it was pretty close to being ready anyways , bet that tastes awesome too


You have done a great job, well done sir All the above advice is good. I grow purple haze outdoors and just like you I prefer to harvest when trichomes are cloudy, much prefer the head stone over the couchlock. Perfect timing as far as I am concerned. A nice long cure and you will be sweet.