Is She Ready she is falling over

OK, my sole survivor is falling over because the buds are so heavy. I have yet to see any amber in the tricombs

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what do you guys think? there is new bud grow on the bottom


Use sticks or tie them up to give them support. Heavy is a good thing.


That is a work of art she’s a beauty :blush: you could tie her up

How old?

doesn’t look ready, better pics would help but I didn’t any amber.

thanks she is a bit over 16 weeks tie her up I will. Her little sisters started last month are getting big they have already filled the dia of my 5 gal pots

I have these


Looks clear in the pics. I would go longer for sure.

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While the close up pics show no amber trichs, indicating a bit longer, the full plant pics shows all the fan leaves and even sugar leaves are gone or drying up.

I’d flush if you haven’t yet, and prepare for harvest before she gives up.

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Thanks I think I will harvest her. When checking today there is no amber at all. The only change besides losing the leaves is that the buds have gotten fatter.

What do guys think?

I’d try drying a bud in the micro just to see what kind of smoke it is, if it anywhere close to what you want then start chopping.