Is She Ready or Few more Weeks?


My White OG Shishkaberry is 8 weeks into flower and was wondering what the experts thought with regards to it’s readiness. Pistols are still white so I think another two weeks or so. What does everyone else think. @dbrn32 @peachfuzz


Your getting really close…are you flushing right now… I’m thinking at least 2 more weeks… I might push 3 or 4 more weeks , but if your already flushing then I would stay the course… :wink:



Not flushing yet @peachfuzz I just gave her a week 8 feed was going to wait another week then start flushing for a week.


From looks of it I would just be a little cautious waiting on remaining white pistils. Looks like they’re from some foxtails, so I’m not sure I’m as confident majority of plant will take quite that long. But I think you have a solid plan as of right now.


Might consider trimming the dead leaves. That would let more light into the growing buds.


Plants will always shoot new pistols towards the end of there life… one last chance to make seeds… it’s a fine line… but I tend to push things to the limits… :grin:



Nothing wrong with that, me too. I just usually use pistils to indicate when to start checking trichs. And I don’t always wait on that last little bunch.


Just trimmed some of the dead leaves and found a few more buds underneath. The buds are so sticky can’t wait to try this. @tanlover442


A Xmas harvest…nice.


Were those pictures taken from a bud calyx or a sugar leaf? Sugar leaves mature more quickly FYI.

I would probably start removing some of the diseased leaf material to facilitate airflow and open up other leaves to light. My guess is you still have a couple of weeks.


Is this an Auto? If so, wouldnt you remove all of the yellowing leaves as you grow along or is even that a no no as far as stressing out the plant during flower… In other words can an auto plant be defoliated during its grow?