Is she ready now?

I’m thinking this one is ready but want the experts opinion. For anyone that looked at my grow journal, this was girl #2.


If she were mine, I’d be in trim jail. Nice work.


Thanks! I figured she was ready but didn’t want to jump the gun. I haven’t waited too long have I?


Beautifully done! She’d be hanging at my house too


Nope. You’re gonna love it!


Nothing to write home about, but there she is, the biggest of the buds. Now on to the trim work. She’ll be in the wedryer in an hour or 2.


Very nice ! Go for it Definitely in the window to harvest . Congratulations

He k ya!!! Your name doesn’t fit for something like that!!! Like, zoims Scoob, I hope we have enough Scooby snacks!

Awesome buds!!!

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That looks yummy :yum:

I am excited to try it, can sure tell ya that. Patience is hard, especially the first time around. Knowing that harvest is just right behind the wall waiting on me is gonna be tough. Almost done with trim work and then to the wedryer.

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Very nice looks great pull her and dry it

Hey I’m just curious how long did you veg

@Wanna-be-a-farmer These were auto flowers. But they were 33 days old (veg) when it got it’s first bud site and then 61 days in flower for a total of 94 days from popping there heads out of soil. It was kept on an 18/6 schedule the entire time.

I will post up pics in a bit on my grow journal just to finish it out. I still have another plant that was planted at the same time as this one. It started off like mad max then went into low gear for some reason and this one took off and made up for lost time. I expect the other one will be ready in a few days to harvest but that plant is not as big as this one was. I will also post up weights on each plant as they dry out for an all up weight and individual plant weight for my total first grow dry weight. Thanks everyone for all of the help with my questions and all of the questions I will have as I grow my second grow. The first was in soil but this next grow will be in coco. 3 of the plants are kicking ass so far and 3 of the seeds popped but have remained dormant. I had 2 seeds left so planted those. Will see if they do better than the 2 they are replacing.

Another lesson learned from my first harvest, rubber gloves dummy. Bare fingers are great but damn the cleanup.

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And the gloves can go into the freezer, making the sticky goodness removable for consumption. :wink:


Never thought about that. Good idea though. Nothing like getting the last bit of goodness out of it.

Not an original idea. I read it in Greg Green’s most excellent book, ‘The Cannabis Grow Bible’.

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