Is she ready for harvesting





Dont post multiple threads. It gets confusing and makes it hard to follow. :wink:



Thank you @Laurap for bring that to his attention. As a mater of fact I just posted where he asked about Trichomes



Sorry not really a blo


Its a learning curve


Dont know if i told you or not. Its a beautiful girl!


Awe thanks im a proud mamma



There are two things I need to say here.

1,) First I would like to Welcome you to ILGM. You have come to the wright forum for growing support and this is by far the most friendly forum on the internet today.

2nd.) I need to apologize to you. Because in my earlier post I had
told @laurap thank you for bring that to ( " his " ) attention when it should have said ( " her " ) So I do apologize to you for that mistake.



people really yearn for colors like you have @Katelyn420
looks good! welcome to ilgm!