Is she ready for harvesting?


Can anyone tell me if she is ready for harvesting


It looks like you have some time left before harvest, you see those white pistols on top? Those turn color from white, and if you can check trichs then whatever you prefer, clear cloudy/milky, amber, finished. I wish you the best of a happy harvest :+1:


Have to agree. Almost there. WooHoo!!!


So about how long i think a week or 2? This is my first time getting this far


From the looks of your pistols and I cannot see your trichomes, I would say a week or two yes! Once pistols are 50-75% brown/red/orange/yellow, whatever they may be for your strain, then I would get a 60-100x jewelers loupe to check the trichomes. It’s all based off preference, what type of high are you looking for?

Your doing awesome for your first try! Great work!


Also if you have been using a nutrient system, I would stop and just use PH’ed water for the remainder of your grow :+1::wink:


Do you have a jewelers loupe or magnifying glass? You want to look at your trichs & depending on what you want ie: cloudy = head high, get projects done. Mostly amber = couch lock. Most go in between. Alos your white hairs will start turning amber as well telling you to look at trichs. Robert has great guides showing trichs. Hope this helps! Great job on first grow!


Any high lol I honestly don’t care as long as it’s potent I do know it’s
Hydro but like I said I am a beginner I don’t know what pistols or trichomes or any of that is I don’t know if you have a picture or something you could show me any help would be greatly appreciated


Your pistols are the white hairs you see on the buds, and they turn color when they mature, the thricomes are tiny little things on the buds you can see with a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe and I believe when they are mostly cloudy is when the bus has the highest amount of THC in it :+1::wink:

I’ll call in the heavy weights for instructional pictures of pistols and trichomes @bob31 and @garrigan65 could you help this fine lady out :+1:


Thank you so much I really appreciate your help


In the search bar type in “trichomes” there are some great pics


@AmnesiaHaze AND @Katelyn420

Here are the three phases of TRICHOMES
The morw Amber the more couch lock you’ll get


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And these!

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Milky trichomes are mature

Amber trichomes are past maturity


Thanks for the tag @AmnesiaHaze


Good info up there. Stick with what everyone is telling you and it will be plenty potent.


@garrigan65 and @bob31 thank you forbyour assistance, I downloaded those pictures for the future :+1::wink:

@dbrn32 I have acquired a heat sink and fan combo from a computer tower, I’ll tag you on my diy led thread I gotta find the name for it. Lol :laughing: