Is she ready for harvest? This is my first grow

Cant really say just by looking at this picture. Do u have a 30x or better loupe to look at the trichomes? Hiw many weeks flowering and what strain?

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Probably 5 - 6 weeks in flower. I am not sure of the strain due to a mx up. I am judging by most of the pistils are turning brown.

How many days since going 12/12?

Six weeks approx.

It probably has a couple weeks left but wont know for sure until u look at the trichomes with a loop

Pics a bit blurry but can still see a decent amount of white hairs

Get a loop like appleyardr267 recommends then you can decide what you want from your grower; type of buzz. happy growing this hit for you :bat: :crazy_face:

My jewelers lens came. The trichomes are still clear, so I guess it still has some time to go.