Is she pre flowering?

Is she starting to bud?

looks like it is just starting the transiton to flower…

The last picture concerns me though (the 2nd post). In my experience little black dots like that indicate insect poo, and the color of that bud site is not right. Have you noticed any caterpiller looking things around your plants…

I am still a newbie though, so I may be seeing things that arent there…

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@Ron330 you are sadly correct. I’ve been dealing with catapillers but there isn’t any in them rn and I spray them every night! What out of the 3 fox farm shoukd I use next

I would say your probably in week 4 on the schedule, So I would do one or two more week 4 feedings and then move on to week 5, and continue from there…

:+1: I should add both big grow and big bloom?

And pluck that dead/rotted piece off so it doesn’t spread, it is a loss already, so leaving will not help anything. At least in my experience…

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@PurpNGold74 ^

How old are they, and what strain…


It’s a bag seed all my plants are

Ahhhh! Thats more then likely it! The caterpillars got into the stem. Thus its discolored. Is there a hole there?

@PurpNGold74 No hole to me it looks like a little piece of bud. I could be mistaking,

Too soon for bud formation without pistils everywhere.

Hmmm so chop it?

Maybe that piece. If you touch it does it crumble?

Lemme go try


it does not crumble

Ah them not rot-rot. Just maybe a lil rotten. U can slice it and bandage it with a bit of honey. Will be fine in a week