Is she looking healthy? (Newbie alert)

Hey everyone! I tried growling a blue dream in the past and it ended up herming :frowning:
It was stress induced… I really didn’t know what I was doing unlike this time around.

I was hoping to get someone’s take on if this seedling looks healthy and that my setup is okay?



What is the main light? She looks healthy but I think now is time to get her under the main. Keeping under those will slow her now i truly believe. Just me. You are off to a great start.


The four giant ones around the side are actually huge lights, the little black ones were starting it out r/b LED’s that I intend to keep on anyway. Previous one grew like wildfire in this setup, I just screwed with nutrients and stuff that I didn’t understand at all.
I think the plant’s right at the point before it’ll take off(hence me asking if it looked healthy!) so I will post back in a week or two showing growth. The lights aren’t this dim, they’re constantly fluctuating so you won’t see the total brightness in a photo.
Should I move my LED’s out of the way or leave as is?


They’re brighter than the little bulb up top.

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It looks realy healthy! Nice color!

Are you using a brand of soil?

I also agree, if you remove the lower lights it should take off towards the taller ones.

Lokks like a grow on a spaceship, cool look.

Happy growing


Looks really healthy right now. I’d be removing those little lights. I’ve never seen bulbs like those big ones before. Wondering if they will provide enough ppfd/dli to get the job done?


Agree with all the great cultivators comments on the the lighting. Those will do ok in the early veg stage :love_you_gesture: