Is she healthy?


Hi I’m a new grower kinda , grew once before which was successful but I was kinda winging it . I just wanna ask other peoples opinion on my plant . It is 12 days old now , I’ve been watering every 2nd day as it is a slightly bigger pot and a small plant . I’ve kept the soil ph around 6.5 and given it very small amounts of basic nutrients a couple times in its water . I kinda started it late in the season but I should be able to get it to an alright size , I would also like to low stress train it . If anybody has advice on that and when I should , I Think I should once it gets 2 more layers of leaves but I’m not sure . Anyways the temp here is usually 20-30 C in the day and 15ish at night , with 17hrs of sunlight a day .


She looks very healthy, but really doesn’t need any nutes yet. Wait for the first, round feeder leaves to yellow before feeding.

You can start training at any time, but you should top, or fim her first to force more tops. Usually this is done at the 4th or 5th node (layers of leaves).


Couldn’t ask for a healthier seedling! Good job @Jimbobjoe44 ! :+1:t3:


Looking really good but ya no nuits yet she to little


Thanks for the feedback, but I don’t see why I would have to top or fim before I train . I’m already against topping as I do not want to cause so much stress . Wouldn’t fimming also be high stress ? Even though you only cut the new growth and not in between the nodes wouldn’t that still shock the plant slightly ? I want to do low stress to control the shape and size of the plant as being discreet is my goal ( also why I’m only growing one) . I would be more open to fim techniques but I’m not sure it would give the same advantages as I’m trying to get from lst .


Hi @Jimbobjoe44. great idea with the lst. Personally I like to let the seedlings establish a decent root system before starting any training techniques. Give the plant a couple of weeks to really anchor itself in the soil and then you can start gradually bending the main stem downwards into a horizontal plane. When you bend the mainstem horizontal it diffuses hormones in the mainstem of the plants and spreads them to other smaller branches. This makes the smaller branches grow taller and faster than they would have if left in a natural shape. This will help to increase your yield massively. If the new branches get too high you can tie them down also. Its a great technique and causes little to no stress on the plant if done slowly over a period of time. Aim to shape your plant while it is in the veg stage as the stems tend to harden somewhat with the beginning of flowering.


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She looks great
Your in good hands with the help from our members
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Well me i use paperclips to train when they are that small. I would train it now no topping needed if you bend it over new shoots come out and starts that lovely bush you want. I do this every year and get great results. Really its about how you want to do it cause its all trial and error. It looks good and yes keep the top cause it is getting later in season so i would just let her grow grow grow. Hope this helps you a little bit. Happy growing!


You don’t have to top or FIM if you don’t want to, you’ll just get a very tall plant that you can LST around the perimeter of the pot. That should work fine for you to keep her low and discreet.