Is she going to make it? Advice please

I posted yesterday that the shell was still stuck I pulled it off today after mist last night and this morning but this is what she looks like now is she going to makeit?

I blew up your photo and you seemed to have damage her pretty good by pulling off the seed shell. Also your soil looks very wet. let her dry up for a couple of days and see what happens. Never give up! I’ve had some look worse than that and they still made it, but you must have a little patients and not try to rush things. At this stage they are trying to develop roots so over watering will kill your efforts.


Is there still a membrane holding her sugar leaves together? U may have to take something thin and sharp. I use my cuticle scissors and remove it so they can open and get light.

She looks okay, but I think there is still the membrane attached. Give her a day and post another pic tomorrow. Also, don’t water! The soil looks a little wet.


I don’t believe the membrane is on it it looked like it was in the seed still. And I sure will post a pic tomorrow hope she’s okay


I think she looks worse :frowning: but I’ma start working in about a week so I’ma get a little grow tent if this fails. Anybody got any good recommendations to get seeds from

Sorry, I do t think she’s gonna make it. Yes, a grow tent will definitely help keep things alive because you can control everything in the environment. If you’re looking to buy seeds then, of course, ILGM is the best place for high quality seeds.