Is she getting too leggy

Hi here is my little seedling under a sf1000 just wondering if she is looking ok or getting to leggy or if there is anything else I should be doing she is still under a humidity cap.

Yeah she be a bit leggy
When you are ready to transplant just bury some of the stem and you’ll be golden

Now I see you already in forever home, you can lower your light, or increase intensity

Also you appear to have enough room to add some soil for burying stem. Any of these things or all of them can be used to reduce stretch


Meh? Its hard to tell @ this point. Ive had some that looks like that and did just fine…But it looks like there is a water droplet on the cotyledon …Be careful of this cause it may burn your baby…It doesn’t look overly leggy…just keep and eye on it…Im not familiar with indoor so? But I know if your lights are too far away the seedling will stretch…Overall it looks like its on track keep us posted!


And as Al said, you ca simply do nothing as the stretch is not particularly profound

The water droplets appeared overnight as it’s from the cup over her is there anything I can do about that ?

So you think I should lower the light a bit ?

Sorry to be of almost no help but only an opinion…You may wanna tag someone that is familiar with “indoor”…As far as the water droplets ,Yeah I get it from the dome…Its okay I don’t think that’s a big problem…maybe already dissipated already…no biggie!

Haha I have no idea who to tag

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Eh, you could lower it a couple/few just to see how she responds but it’s not critical

Looks like you’re fairly good in height



@Makdaddy123 …Go to the categories section an look for “outdoor” Most growers on this site seem to be outdoor.

I think you’re fine for now. Where is dimmer set?

You will want to water in a ring around your plant instead of right on the stem.

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I think about 60% I am not watering. I watered before I put the seed in to run off and have just been spraying the plastic lid


I think you’re good on light then. I just seen wet spot around plant and don’t want you to run into issues with damping off.

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@dbrn32 yeah I think that’s just from the water dripping off the dome. Do you think I should lower the light or increase it? And do you think I should dry the leafs?

Looks nice. Fat stem. Monitor the height of your light to keep it from stretching. Also; Make sure you do not get too close with the light and scorch th tops…

Welcome to growing. We look forward to seeing you succeed.


@latewood @dbrn32 i lowered the light 2 inches and dried up the drops on leafs with paper towel you think that is good?

See my post directly above yours,

I’m guessing you were typing when I replied and missed.

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When my plant is a seedling I use an eyedropper to put the water at the base of the plant. This will encourage the tap root to grow down. For the first week or so they only get a few tablespoons of water a day. I don’t put them under a dome. I mist my plants from seedling to harvest. Your plant appears to be in at least a 3 gallon fabric pot. Good choice for an indoor grow.

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She is in 7 gallon lol

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