Is she getting enough or too much light?

Hi everyone!

I have a little baby girl on my hands, she is barely 6 days old ( counting from the moment I dropped her into a glass of water for 12 hours;)). She has beautifully germinated and I have stuck her tail down into the final medium.

The question is: is she getting enough or too much light? I am reading and reading for weeks now on how to do this but couldn’t find anything on the light when they are such little babies. I have 4 x 23W CFL bulbs above her for now, will be adding a bit more later but for now, is it enough/to much and at what height from the baby should I have them?

The grow area is a spare shower 60cm
While I am asking;) should I mist her?

That’s my first attempt, I am growing for myself (medical use mostly and for a bit of fun as well). So just one girl in there at a time, althought I am so tempted to start a full blown grow but I have to limit lights etc.

Thanks for the help!


Misting is a definitely in order. As far as you light goes I’m not sure. Looks good to me. @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 can better answer that

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Since your using cfl bulbs you can get close just place your hand above the plant and count to 20 if you can keep hand there your ok
Agree with soil looks a bit dry and you should mist it
Also welcome to the forum @rumpelstiltskin


Thank you! I could move those bulbs closer then as they barely generate any heat below?

The temp by the soil is 23 Celsius, 24 higher in the space. The humidity is 54 and varies up to 60 when door is closed at night all the time.

I have a dehumidifier to control the hum in flowering a bit more but for now I think that’s fine, isn’t it?

As for the temp, I can’t control it really much apart of opening the door and running a small fan, and as it’s in a good range from what I read it should be fine. When I add more bulbs it will go up, but not more I think than 2-4 degress as starting temp was 20 before I turned on the lights.

Once she starts to stink up (hopefully) I won’t be able to open the door except when checking on her so I don’t stink up the house. Would ONA be enough placed around the house and bedroom to keep a low profile?(I read it shouldn’t be put in the grow space as it will interfere with the buds smell etc) Or should I go full on with a tent and carbon filter? All the technicalities are a bit overwhelming when it comes to tents and setting up all the stuff. I’d love one and a nice LED in it but for the first time I want to see how I manage with what I have on hand without going all in.

I got a good soil for it, got my nutrients ready for when she’s in veg and then flower. The only thing I still need (I think) is a proper PH meter as what I use is embarrassing…a soil PH meter from the shop that you stick in. Well according to it I have not exceeded 7 so will see how it goes until I get a new one.

I did mist her @Countryboyjvd1971 a little bit but the soil below is still quite wet so I don’t want to overdo it.

Thank you guys!


First I would like to Welcome you to ILGM " WELCOME MY FRIEND "

Place your hand under your light , if your hand feels to warm or hot so does your plant.

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@rumpelstiltskin I used to use 23 watt CFls in the 5000k range for seedlings then moved to 85 watts for veg once they got 3 or 4 nodes. I discovered that I could get 15 watt 4000k LED bulbs and cut the diffuser of of them to use for seedlings and veg. The great thing about them is they put out so little heat that I can put the light 2 inches from the plants if I want. The LEDs are way brighter than the CFLs.


Thanks @skgrower, I didn’t know that can be done, usefull knowledge:) I have another 5 way splitter and could add some leds this way at least untill the light that I ordered arrives.

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Be aware that LED can give a different kind of “burn” on plants if they are too close and too intense, it goes beyond “bleaching” and IF a leaf gets close enough to touch then, well, this is what happens.

As the old road safety campaign said, “Keep Your Distance”


Thank you @anon35207245, did read up on it that at different stages it should be at different height and closer to canopy when in flowering, right?

Depends on the light, etc, but the plant will tell you if it likes the intensity or not.

What I found with my DIY panel was that raising it when there was over 50k lux indicated worked perfectly until this idiot drowned the plant a few weeks from harvest. That was when it was a hand width away, so no chance of the plant suddenly stretching into the light. Every plant is different, some need less, some need more, practice will get the “gut feeling” right as time goes on.

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I haven’t had any problems with light burn. With these weak LEDs, the plants can be within 6" of the lights. They’re only 1/2 watt LEDs. Not much good for flowering, but great for seedlings and young plants.