Is she getting close?

Tric’s are getting cloudy


Getting close. Pics of the overall plant do help, but pics of the flower’s trichomes through a magnifying device like a loupe or a microscope is really needed too.

I have a 60x loupe I’ll try and get pic

I was looking at your log. Those buds have really shaped up nice over the past 21 days, if that is the same plant.

Tryed to take pics they were horrible.Im trying to figure out when to flush and how?

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Another week then do a flush for a week. If it were mine.

Thanks I have no idea how to flush any suggestions would help

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Assuming soil, use a product like Sledgehammer or Flora Kleen along with R/O water; water to runoff giving time to dry out between watering. Also if in soil you can start flushing right away. Monitor the TDS of your runoff. I like media to be below 250 ppm and hydro under 100 ppm. 36 hours or darkness prior to harvest, if you have a dehumidifier start running that flat out and when you harvest do a bud wash.