Is she flowering?

Girl scout cookies auto, ilgm
15 days out of dirt

With this being my very first seed to grow I have no idea what to look for but I do look at it everyday, and I just noticed these little hair like things.

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Nope not flowering yet. Those are the girl parts.



Ah thank you! Lol I was worried with everything I’ve found and read so far saying that the little hairs mean it has started to flower i was worried about that with it only being 15 days out the ground :sweat_smile:

I have had autos go as early as 21 days though

Are you concerned because you just performed some pruning?

No im trying to refrain from any form of training that actually involves removing or damaging plant pieces in all, The only training I have done it tucking sugar leaves under the new growth branches so they catch more light, i was just worried about it flowering so early because its still so little, but I have no true idea as to how tall it should get or when they start to flower.

I just went to catch up in your other thread because there’s not much context here.

If I were running your setup, I absolutely would top that plant between the 3rd and 4th nodes. Then I’d top once more, plant permitting, to create 4 tops. I’d probably LST those tops so they each have about 1sq ft of canopy, but who know if the plant will cooperate.

With only 36” of headroom (but you have a chunky light taking up some of that, right) I would try to spread that plant out as much as possible. If it got away from me, I’d still use a LST technique from rose cultivation where I’d put the pot in one corner and stretch the plant top down and diagonally across the tent in order to get that main stalk horizontal.

Training a plant can stress you out more than it bothers the plants. I personally feel that photoperiod plants remove some of that anxiety, because you can just continue veg until the plant is shaped properly.

Edit: just realized I’m throwing a lot of unsolicited advice at you. I won’t be offended if you ignore it.

No no all advice is taken, im literally wet behind the ears when it come to growing, and yes the light uses about 4 inches of top space with it ziptied to the very top of the tent, is it safe to top a auto ? Im just worried about stunting it so bad it doesn’t grow anymore, I see now that the idea that autos are easier is just a general idea because it removes the stress of photo scheduling, but the sensitivity of it being auto is what makes me very finicky about pruning. Top it then it starts to flower right after is my fear.

Topping autos can stunt them, if not done at the right time, depending on genetics and how long the life cycle is, of that particular strain. I know a lot of people that do top autos, but being your first grow, maybe just try some LST?

Yea, at the moment I’m not comfortable cutting the plant, in all honesty I didnt see it living this far :rofl: but she made it, have had temp issues, almost drown it i think cause the edges of some leaves got really soft and curled under, had no nutrients except the ones that came with the starter discs, (recently received all) no ph testing but have a ph tester now, im still confused on how to use the ph up and down, bottle says it can kill the nutrients??? If mixed wrong… how am I supposed to mix it to lower the ph to close to desired ?

Lots of beginner mistakes but I’m taking in everything and adjusting for the next try.