Is She Dying? 1st time grower. HELP

1st time grower. I’m a ditch weed gal so I’m not sure of the strain. Everything was superb until two days ago when I woke up and saw my beautiful girl wilting away, as of now she is for sure a cancer patient. She’s in flowering stage and needs all the advice to save her life.

If you had not watered in the last few days, she probably needs water.

If you had already watered, she might be overwatered.

How do you check when it’s time to water?


Can’t really see it in the first photo but in the rest I’m seeing bud rot.


I’m with @shindig153 seeing an awful lot of brown rot looking color there.


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When you see a plant that suddenly wilts to this degree there is usually just a few things that could cause such a failure. Nutrient problems usually show up over time, but water and fungus can do what you see in just a few hours. I agree with the others that it looks like rot on the plant. Probably has root rot as well which would cause the sudden wilting.
The other this is lack of water. When a soil dries out completely it will sometimes become hydrophobic. Meaning it will not absorb water but will actually repel water. Many bagged soils will do this if they become too dry. So the water simply runs around the outside of the pot and drains off. It looks like we watered enough but nothing was absorbed. Like this little pic shows the water never gets into the soil…
More than likely its a fungal problem. This time of year in humid areas there is a ton of mold spores everywhere.


Something major bad has happened to your girl.

Looks like it’s in a plastic flower pot…so it has drainage. Not overwatered. Not underwatered.

Suggest you harvest asap. She is too far gone.
Not being funny, but do you have a large dog that might be peeing in the container. Maybe somebody that didn’t want the plant harvested? Or…did you use anything new? bug spray? neem oil?

Asking this because you din post anything about using new nutes or trying to add “extra nutes”.

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its called ‘the green death’…:cry: