Is she done? She’s growing fast!

Hi there! Wanted to know if my girl looks done or not, to me she isn’t done yet, but I’d like to harvest when it’s at its peak. Please lmk what you guys think, she’s a blueberry autoflower yes she’s kinda tall and she’s not producing a lot, but that’s because I messed her up :weary: but lmk what you guys think

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Thats just the start of flowering.
Probably 8 weeks left to go.


Like @Spiney_norman said

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They will go from the look on the left, to the one on the right.
It just takes time.


@Spiney_norman has you covered you got buds building! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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You are the best, all of you guys are!

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Here’s my hydro system, so I have it in a aero garden, just one plant, it’s only running 135 watts (with 2 lights) do you guys think she’ll have good buds? I put her outside in the sun when it’s not too windy, to hopfully give it good bud size. Lmk what you guys think!!