Is she Dead or Alive?

This is bubblegum kush.

It is on it’s second week as a seedling after popping out the soil.

This is banana Kush.

I thought she had not germinated. She is supposed to look like her sister, but I just found her under the soil and it seems she is well rooted. The other three definitely did not germinate. It took bubblegum five days to sprout.

My question is do you think she’ll make it? Has this ever happened to you? I just watered the pot and turned on the LED lights. What are your thoughts and experiences?


Looking for green. Check in tomorrow.

Probably best you can do at this point. Watch and wait are next in line.


Thank you for your service. I appreciate the reply.

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In terms of roots you’re going to have some issues with them all in the same pot.

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Those other plants are companion plants, marigolds. Banana and bubblegum are in separate pots.


Yellow seed cover leaves in any plant can be a sign of too much moisture; same with a wilted stalk. I’d give it 24 hours to show some kind of improvement: trying to reach for the light now that it’s exposed, and some minimal hint toward green color. If you don’t get that in 24 it is probably too weak to compete.

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It’s dead. Completely dried out. Sux. Thanks for your reply.

Aww! Sorry to hear. RIP.

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Sorry for your loss!

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