Is she almost ready?

Question from a fellow grower:

When exactly is she ready to be harvested? :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! I would consider starting your flush soon, if the rest of those white pistils continue to turn reddish. A couple maybe a few weeks to go, at least. However, it’s best to go by how the trichomes look. What strain is she? What is the estimated flowering time? How many weeks has she been flowering? What is your first born’s middle name? I’m kidding. You should join the forum and tell us a little more about your setup and your grow! Lots of helpful, friendly people here, all chill and just helping each other grow better! Keep doing what you’re doing, she looks great! :v:


Agree with that
You should buy a jewelers loop or pocket scope
20x mag or better to get a look at the tricombes
You want at least all cloudy
The more amber the more couch lock

Your close Nice :+1: job

Join us :v:️ CB