Is she a herm? Give it to me straight

I’ve looked at some pictures, but I’m not sure.

I saw the little white pistils last week. And now tonight I found something else.

I didn’t think they looked like other pictures of male or hermie plants. But those little growths are new.

those appear to be pollen sacs to me…

I agree looks like pollen sacs.

here is a pic of a male SFVOG i grew out a while ago to harvest some fresh pollen…

its a boy…hermi… a girl who may be in transition to a boy but just isn’t comfortable talking to anyone about it yet… either way it would be in the compost for me… :smiley:


Dang. I’m glad to have found out early. It’s by the back door now, heading for the compost bin.

I appreciate everyone’s help.

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Just a question where the seeds fem or some seed you had lying around? Just curious how it went herm.

Looks like a tranny planny to me :-1: Sucks!!! Sorry :v:

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No it doesnt look like a hermie, straight up dude!


After going back and looking at the pictures a second time, I agree with @Cannabian, straight up male plant. I just saw the pollen sacks when I first saw pictures, don’t see any female signs at all. So, not a tranny planny just a straight up male


Bushy dude mind you!

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males have there place for sure but not if you are going for seedless buds … and you are not pollinating for more seeds.

Its Bruce Jenner !!!


They were seeds that a friend had in a jar in the trunk of his car for a couple of years. He gave them to me when I mentioned (last summer) that I was thinking of growing a plan or two just to give it a try. He says he picked the seeds out of buds he was breaking up to grow.
He says that he doesn’t remember what strains they were, if they were auto or not, not even if they were indica or sativa.
Also, I planted these seeds back in September of last year. They lived as little seedlings on my kitchen counter (in small pots) until January of this year when I read an article about plant growth being stunted if the roots were bound. So this one, and another one, were moved to buckets.
The full story can be found here: No idea what is growing, but it's growing

Thank you for the link to your other thread, I am a new to growing myself so I was very interested in knowing how that plant became herm if anything just for my general knowledge. Good luck with your other plant you got going.

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