Is she a goner?

She’s White Widow Fem from ILGM:

  • germinated late Jan 19
  • potted a few days later in seed starter medium and kept indoor with grow light too long (>14hrs/day).
  • transplanted outdoor 2/10/19 and discovered half of root rotted. Trimmed it off and planted
  • struggles to grow, way shorter than her sister from same seed order

(Just took this photo 10 minutes earlier)
Her sister in the back is almost 5’ and started having some pistils. This one was flowering a little back in late Apr-early May but revegged soon afterwards and pretty healthy.

  • started flowering Apr 20 but not getting higher than 18 inches.
  • started revenging on some tips of the buds 6/18.
  • some fan leaves on cola turned brown
  • today I went out thinking to trim those brown tips and discovered rotting buds in packed cola. Trimmed rotted buds off as picture below:

Also found a couple of fat, green, 1” long caterpillar in the rotted stuff inside the packed cola.

Should I just give up and pull her out to start over? Still have at least 3-4 months of good growing condition, but may get very hot as we haven’t reached the peak of our heatwave season yet.

Please advice, really appreciate the help I got here. You guys rock!

This is one of the trimmed off, rotted bud.

First, pull/trim off all the rotten areas. Then search for areas that are “suspect”. Those spots that look marginal, dig into the bud and find the caterpillar.

Once you are satisfied that all rot and cats are gone. Spray infected areas with straight hydrogen peroxide. Not in full sun, first crack of dawn I like.

Start treating your ladies with thuricide BT or Monterey BT twice a week. She will come back and bud up nicely.


Thanks so much. I’ve never heard of thuricide BT or Monterey BT before. Are they fungicide? I suppose garden supply stores carry them? Also, how do you clean the sticky trichomes off your scissors and fingers? I’ve never grown them before. Tried to washing with isopropyl but it doesn’t work that well. And for the good buds that got trimmed off, I separate from the rotted part, can it be used somehow?

BT is a bacteria that gives cats an upset stomach.

As far as buds next to rotten buds, beware.

First, use some type of magnification to identify the buds and if they are rotten.

Then, it’s up to you.

I threw away at least 2 ounces of moldy rotten bud. I also threw away 6-8 ounces of bud that was in the proximity.

In retrospect the proximity bud should have been used to make RSO.

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Thanks. I went out to trim some more after it cools down a bit. There’s pretty extensive infection. Take a look.

She’s really small but the revegging leaves look healthy. But look at the main stem, it’s pretty mangy after trimming.

Someone quoted an Israeli researcher saying THCa can cure cancer too. So I hope soaking it in Everclear will kill all the pathogens and get some use out of salvaged parts.

IHere’s what left of her, poor lady!

The peroxide is still foaming on the stem.

I soaked the salvaged trim in peroxide and just put it in 225 F oven. Hope I can make some FECO out of it. Thanks so much for your help.

Of course! You are doing all you can do.

@Ning are you in Nor cal, Cen cal, or So cal?

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Thanks. I’m in SoCal, outlying city of LA. This year it’s been so much cooler and gosh, all the rain even yesterday!!! I lived here for 3 decades and don’t remember any year when we had rain in May, Jun like this.

I’m waiting for a few days to see if she recovers from this severe trimming or not. If not, I’ll get another seed to go. Just got Gorilla Glue yesterday and am tempted.

Yeah, it’s been interesting. My wife moved here from France 5 years ago. This is the first year she has questioned the weather.

Good luck. You should start some GG right now. We can grow all year long. Think about getting a small indoor set up to start outdoor plants.

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I suspected so since my tomatoes have been able to survive the so called ‘Winter’ here for almost 20 year. How’ve your plants cope with our Summer? Last year there was a few days of 110 or over. But I figure these plants’ birth places are in hot tropical climate, they should be able to survive even though the Grow Bible says the optimal temp is 75-80.

I germinates the seeds indoor, put seedlings in small pot with seed starter to avoid rot before transplanting outdoor after a few weeks. So far it’s been working well, knock on wood. I’d done these with my heirloom tomatoes seedlings for quite sometimes and it seems to work well with cannabis too.

Really appreciate your help, thanks!