Is scroging Autoflowers a thing?

Was wondering if anyone had any experiences with scroging Autoflowers. I have a decent even canopy on 8 Autoflowers and was going to LST them, but now I have been considering using my scrog net instead.

imo scrogging generally implies some combination of topping, fimming, and supercropping and it is better to just let autos do their thing on their own.


I grow autos i just fim them and some LST. Scroging them IMO makes it harder to water them and check the PPM.Just saying

You can SCROG them, if they are big enough, but a lot of autos don’t spread out enough to justify a net. You can do a lot with LST though.


Thank you for the info. My tent collapsed today and im lost for words. First picture is what they looked like and second is what happen.

My heart is aching for my ladies!

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Oh no! Are your Lights okay?

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Hey @Mr.T88! Looks like this pole is a little warped, could that be the culprit? Or is it just the angle of the photo?
I’m so sorry for your ladies, can they recover?
They looked lovely!

You really don’t need to scrog autos if you lst every other node they’ll end up evenly spread out when you get that flowering stretch

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Jack herer auto. 2x2 scrog. You can see it is not used for training. Simply for separation and support.


Did your plants survive?

@CalamityJane @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @Dreamer

yes those poles in this pick are the poles that were bending. Most importantly my lights are good to go with no damage, because my ladies caught them. Lol! I have been working on them all night and they actually might be alright, only time will tell. I will post pictures later today.


Sucks that the girls got damaged, but better than busting lights. They’re ridiculously resilient plants. Hopefully they pull through.

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Ahh mate, tough break (pardon the pun).
Yeah hopefully they will bounce right back!
Fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

Looks like they might make it fingers crossed. First photo is the best ones that had a few damaged branches and the second photo is the worst ones that got crushed and burned pretty bad by the lights. The 3 left ones in second photo were the worst ones. Sorry for the light and no close ups


wow,your lucky you didn’t have a fire. Your plants will survive, that’s what they do, just some tender loving care.

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Ahhh man that sucks.

Glad your lights are ok.

Oh yeah your ladies look like they will bounce back easy.

What brand of tent is that?
Is it a pretty old tent?
Just curious.

Nice grow tho. Looks like some :fire:

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The brand was topogrow and It was only 32 days old.

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  • safely stores this info in the ol’ brain case for future reference *
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@GreenSnek so by lst you mean tie every other one down/spread it …no need for scrog? I was planning on attempting scrog with my 5 autos but have mostly read that it would likely be just good support for em @beardless :+1:… still im ready to try anything that could possibly maximize the yield on these!!!

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Yea (maybe your wording is a lil weird) I’m not a huge fan of scrogging with autos but they’re both great ways of spreading them out if done right