Is pure coco coir considered true hydroponic?


I know NOTHING about hydroponic, but read recently that at least one guy considers coco coir (more specifically, a 50:50 coco/perlite mix) to be a “hydroponic” grow. By which he was referring to feeding nutes multiple times a day.

Is this legit? I don’t care so much about the technical stuff as I do the maintenance requirements. Like constant feeding of nutes and watering. Could this be the perfect balance between soil and hydro?

I recently did an experiment with 4 cuttings, 2 in a 50:25:25 soil/perlite/coco mix and 2 in a 50:50 coco/perlite mix. It is UNREAL how much faster the pure coco mix is! It’s like they’re 2 weeks older than the soil clones!

I’m VERY excited about the grow potential, just from switching mediums in my established soil grow, without the fuss of having to go pure hydro. Am I being unrealistic, or what? Any thoughts from the experienced hydro folks?



Yes coco is considered soil-less- aka hydroponic.

I’m considering doing a coco grow for my next run. I’m considering creating a recirculating watering system that will water 4x a day and then recirculate the runoff back into the res. I’ve heard good things about coco grows!


I ended up with a coco perlite mix when I meant to buy soil. After I read about it, I was glad for the mistake :sunglasses: However, I do wish the cashier at the local grow supply store was a little more knowledgeable (small shop, not box store) I’m certain he thought he was selling me soil as that’s what I asked for; he doesn’t seem to know anything about the products… so I usually check them out online before buying.


I planted my last Gold Leaf seed for this. Blue Dream and GSE coming up next! :wink:



Keep us updated.

You should start a grow journal to document your progress!


@kushpa, I’m currently doing soilless with 3 plants and love it. See “My journal started as one thing and went off the rails”.

So far it hasn’t been daily for nutes but I can see the day.


My last 3 grows have been in coco and I was pleased with results. However, because coco demands to fed more often than soil, be prepared to have a budget for nutrients that you wouldn’t normally have in a soil grow. Otherwise, coco tops all.


I have 2 dwc and 1 coco. I’m glad I did it for the sake of learning it, but my next grow will be all dwc.


Yes Coco coir perlite 2- 1 is hydroponic anything grown without soil as for nutes because your feeding the root zone less work for your girls to find food


I just got through rinsing my Coco for a future northern lights grow I’m so excited


What did you prefer about the dwc over coco?


Less guessing