Is puffy tent a problem

I have 6 in fans in and out with carbon filter and a oscillating fan inside. I just noticed the tent is starting to puff up. Is this a problem?

The only potential problem I can see is if your tent is leaky at the seams, et al. you might be putting out odors you would rather put through the carbon filter.

Ideally, you want a SLIGHT negative pressure…

With same size fan IN and OUT and the greater flow restriction on exhaust from your carbon filter, you get the positive pressure.

You could slow the fan down on the intake side… speed the fan up (if its not already maxed) on the exhaust side, AND/OR also add pre-filter upstream of the intake fan to filter out mold spores, dirt, et al…

An intake pre-filter would be a good idea anyway IMHO… can’t have too clean of an air supply.

Then, if you still need a little more flow reduction, cut the intake fan speed a little.

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Hopefully you have a variable speed on your exhaust fan so you can adjust it to create a negative pressure inside the tent. you want to see the tent walls sucked in so you’re pulling hot stale air out. Also with positive pressure you will be letting odor escape. Good luck

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I’m thinking of adding another fan to the exhaust. It’s just staying too warm in there as well. What do you think about that idea?

A second exhaust fan will certainly help to turn the pressure balance negative, but you’ll need to filter it also…

If you need more heat extraction, that is probably the best option to address the pressure problem at the same time.

I was going to add it to the existing exhaust

If you’re tent is ballooning your filter is about useless. You need to find a way to take more air out of your tent than you are putting in.

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Ahhh… I couldn’t hazard a guess then without knowing what you have now specifically… flow ratings, deuct lengths, order of parts, # and type of bends, et al.

If the carbon filter isn’t rated for the additional flow, a second fan may be well into diminishing returns.

Well I ended up removing carbon filter and pumping it straight out window. I live in the sticks and closest neighbor smokes so no big deal. 6 inch in and 6 inch out that should take care of puffy tent syndrome