Is powdery mildew a show stopper?

Iv read numerous articles on Powdery mildew. Iv had some issues outdoors in the past. Indoors however is a new terain. Is it true once your garden shows signs of PM the crop is compromised?

You can treat for it

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Welcome indoors to head off powdery mildew. Keep exhaust fan running 24/7 keep air moving. Good luck with your indoor grow.

Right, I guess my question is contamination. If my garden becomes infested with PM. Will all future grows then become infected or if I clean thoroughly will I be okay?

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You can kill it. I think the biggest issue would be getting your environment to the point where it doesn’t thrive.


Oh yeah, powdery mildew is not permanent in your grow area. You can improve ventilation, keep RH and temperature in hostile territory for it and sterilize with 2 percent bleach solution periodically. Also, clean the dhit out of your pots and such before you plant.

I live in a very humid place and I’ve never had a problem with PM. I have 2 fans for circulation…plus I have a window ac blowing into my wide open tent. I make sure to not over water as this is a way mold and mildew can start to form.