Is over-ventilation a thing?


I know fresh air and ventilation are a fairly important factor in the grow, my question is…can you have too much ventilation? And if so, what are the repercussions?


Yes you can and biggest factor would be a waste of energy in humidifier Ac etc
Controlling humidity and temps would another factor that’s is harder to maintain when pulling air out of a room too fast
You’d also eventually create enough negative pressure that opening a door would be almost impossible
Which is why the large building in NYC and most other cities have revolving doors the buildings are keeped in negative pressure to ensure plenty of fresh air
Which brings up another factor of make up Air so you’d need to bring in min of half of your exhaust which means more energy @dmykins
Ps another thought the negative pressure my actually mess with the plants ability to take up nutes just a after thought


Also I was struggling with Temps for a while and even went to not zipping up my tent to let more air circulate in and out . Well I am now finding if I adjust the vents to where my tent beer cans just a little and let the exhaust system draw the way it and the tent is designed to work it never hardly gets over 80 or 81 . Negative pressure also helps keep the aroma in the tent and not the front yard


@Countryboyjvd1971 my plants are doing well, I do have a lot of ventilation and air going in and out of my tent, but my temps/humidity seem to be ok. I am just worried about pests and not having enough airflow to cause rot.


I personally size mine to remove 100 percent every 2 minuets but if everything seems ok bud I wouldn’t worry to much as long as you have good air flow you’ll be ok


You guys are awesome. Thanks!


How big is you exhaust and tent or room ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 the tent is approx 3’x3’x6’. I have a 6" 240 CFM inline duct fan pulling air out and another 6" fan blowing air in. I also have a fan oscillating inside the tent at the 3 plants.


If it was me I would get a speed controller and cut that down to half you have 108 cubic feet of tent space so right now on high your exchanging the air twice a min ruffly
So you can definitely slow it down if you can bro


Perfect. I will look into one tonight. Thanks again!


Anytime @dmykins