Is old dirty stuff usable.. and 62% bovida moisture packets

So just 2 questions not sure if these are silly or not. Not. But I am doing another grow and I have and I have old hydrometers and jars and they all still have you know sparkly tricombs From my last week Is is that OK if I use them jars again with that residue in there in a few months . And then the last thing I bought 62% bovita moisture packets have had them in my them in my jars for a week or so now and not a single one of my jars are above 59 or 60% could I have gotten bad ones

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Just rinse the jars with alcohol and dry them real good. Wipe the hygrometers with antibacterial wipes. I don’t use boveda packs so I’m not sure about those.

I’ve used boveda packs for years. To bring bud i bought that was a little dry back to life. As long as the pack feels “squishy” it’s still good. If it’s stiff and no liquid feeing to it- it’s dried up. The small packs sometimes dry up quickly. I use the larger ones. I know some people here use grove bags to control the humidity consistently. I’m a blacked out jar with boveda guy personally.

Grove bags and give the jars away.
No more burping or humidity packs ever needed…
Makes cureing so much easier. Long as you keep them in an area that’s stays as close to 60°f and 60% RH, the bags control the humidity inside so you simply hang dry 7-14 days, bag it, seal it and leave it a minimum of 14days “suggested by manufacturer”.


But you can reuse the jars and meters. I suggest cleaning them first but I suppose you wouldn’t have to… never used the packs either so don’t know what to say about them. Does seem like they aren’t doing what they suppose to though :thinking: :confused: 🤷

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Hygrometers usually have an accuracy of +/- 3% RH reading. If you’re up over 58% it’s good enough to cure.

It takes me 2 large Boveda packs and about a week to raise the RH in my Grove Bags up to acceptable levels (in a 1/2lb grove bag). So I wouldn’t be too weirded out if it took a while for a Boveda to get within 3% of its target RH.

Also as a side note, if you dry and trim properly and throw em in Groves, you don’t need Bóvedas. I’m just lazy and take too long to trim my bud so they always over dry. :grimacing:

You can absolutely reuse mason jars or grove bags. If you don’t want trichome funk from the prior harvest, just add in rubbing alcohol, shake shake shake, and dump. Personally IDGAF so I just leave them but eventually it’ll get weird so knowing you can rinse them out is good.


@1HappyPappy, is the 60f/60% from Grove? I hadn’t seen that anywhere, and those conditions are going to be damn hard to come by in my house. Frankly, if you could maintain 60/60 you could just use a sammich bag.


Last picture shows instructions from manufacturer.
60/60 is best but never over 70 it says.

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So I guess it’s just 60°f that they suggest fir cureing and 60/60 for drying.
But it’s about the passive gas flow of the film the Grove bags are made of.
Sandwiche bags are not capable of this at any temp or RH :grin:

That makes more sense. I was just saying if I could consistently hold 60/60 for extended periods I wouldn’t need the Groves.

The grove bag site is pretty cool. I like how many different sizes they have and the bags with the strain names on them are cool. I’m nowhere near that point but i know i’m not buying glass jars at 25$ a pop anymore!

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