Is Neptune harvest and Neptune's seaweed and fish fertilizer good to use?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Is Neptune harvest and Neptune’s seaweed and fish fertilizer good to use?

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be curious to here some opinions on this as well. As I have only heard the radio ads about it.

Im of the belief fish emulsion is normally pretty safe in moderation. Look for OMRI (helpful but not necessary) and i believe most the ones ive seen are 5-1-1 NPK. Not sure on the other items. Maybe an ingredient screenshot would help?

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…I’m going to maybe run a test clone and see how things go…

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I just wanted to say welcome @1stgrowOr18 . I have nothing to add. Carry on lol.

Kidding, mostly. It looks like good stuff, for bloom especially.


Right on right on… I’m using sea bird right now it’s a dry tan powder that my neighbor gave me but I think I’ll try this as well… here is a picture from my budded plants that somehow went into early bloom…

cross between jaggar and plum,
Deadhead kush OG

Are they outdoor? If not, what are you using for light? They look like they’ve stretched a little bit. Looking good, though. Nice and frosty.

I am using a t5 4 tube four foot light, I am using a half bathroom as a grow room…lol wife said I can :poop: and trim at same time gross…I’m not going to do that, they are super sweet smelling and have about 5 weeks left maybe… I’ll definitely keep you in the loop on thinew fertilizer

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You can probably lower it. T5s run really cool, yeah? They can probably go pretty close. You might even consider some training to make your canopy more flat. Then you can get more light to the lower branches/buds.

This is what I use I do from time to time use different stuff but mainly I love the Alaskan fish fertilizer and Dr. earth

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I just seen that was an old post sorry don’t call me out for. Lol

I hope you have a happy new year

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Thanks, dude! You too, Happy New Year! :v: