Is my water quality good enough

have some questions about water quality. my tap water is at 7.1 ph, the ppm is around 290. thought I could do better so I started buying distilled water. ph is 7.4 and ppm is 002. I use advanced nutrients that brings my ph down to 5.7 when using the distilled water. my question is would I be able to use my tap water that is supplied by the city that has all the stuff that makes it drinkable or not? or should I think about a ro system?

A RO filter is always best but if not practical for you then make sure you draw the water the day before and leave it sit out open over night so the chlorine can evaporate like for a fish tank . In the winter my water gets cold so I refill my water jugs as soon as i empty them so the temp can get the same as the room to not shock the roots to much .


My water’s 100

Much higher and I would not use :thumbsdown:

300 is high :yin_yang:

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Lol I am using rain water and snow melt off my roof cold is understatement I brought it in yesterday it was block of ice however it’s free and distilled by nature I also have RO filter but unless I have no run off ice or fresh snow it’s for my coffee and humidifier :slight_smile: MY last grow went fine with Tap water it’s not the ppm’s it’s what the ppm’s consist of that makes the difference.


I use tap water but like @Oldstoner I fill my bottle as it’s empty and leave it on the side for a few days with the lid off

I use tap water also but I have well water And have whole house triple filtration system with uv light
I also fill my containers as soon as I empty them
I like to keep a couple 5 gal buckets filled up with lids in grow room I check ph my water out of tap is 6.7 dropping down to 6.4 after 24 hr

Like others mention. A portable or small RO system would be recommended.

IN answer to your question; Yes you could use your tap water. The 270ppm counts towards your final nutrient strength, though.

I would suggest that you contact your local Ag. agent, and request info on how and where to have your water tested. It costs a few bucks and will let you know exactly what is in the water, and you can decide from there. :slight_smile:

I was looking at this one so I thought I’d pass it along. Haven’t jumped on it yet though. I don’t like the amount of water RO wastes but I may go for it. The 4-stage is around $90. Both come with hose adaptors. I plan on hooking to my washing machine line (basement grow).

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my water cumes out at 7.8pm and .37 ppm i know i got to ph down but is ppm.37 ok