Is my “training” plant ready

Don’t really have a support ticket for this poor “training” plant. Attempted to grow this inside but put it out to pasture in my back yard. Basically she was drowned then scorched for good measure. Started to flower 9/3 Have feed her FF trio with Cha Ching. Have ph’d water and nutes 5.8 to 6.5. Have tds but have not checked ppm. From what I have learned from y’all I think she has cloudy trichs. Thought I may have seen a couple of amber. Maybe wishful thing. Think she still has 2 weeks Thanks to all the regulars who post it has been very helpful.


Forgot to mention it’s a Gorilla Glue Auto

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She’s looking good, but can go longer. Patience. :+1:



This will help to decide when to harvest. Depending on what you are going for, you could potentially harvest soon, or wait it out. I think mostly milky, with about 20% amber is my sweet spot.


Am I correct that my photos show cloudy trichs. Want to verify if what I see is correct or just wishful thinking. Have a 30x loupe. Have used it. I am a patient person. Grew outdoor for couple of years along time ago. Looking back I am amazed we did as well as we did.Learned patience is greatly rewarded. Thanks for your advice.

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I’m pretty new on the forum, and I am approaching the end of my first grow. I have learned a lot here, but have minimal experience harvesting. I would personally let it go a bit longer (for what I’m looking for), but most of the trichs I can see appear pretty cloudy (if that’s your sweet spot), with a small amount showing amber. I didn’t see very many clear trichomes.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. Want them to get amber. Looking for couch lock bedtime smoke. Probably another 2 weeks.

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It looks like your girl has foxtailed pretty significantly, indicative of that heat stress you mentioned. But that’s ok, it’s just a tad bit more difficult to trim.
Do you have any microscopic images? 30x isn’t quite enough to visualize and appreciate the maturity of your trichomes. 60x is usually the money spot. It’s not possible to determine readiness from that distance. You need to get closer.
On the upside…daaaaammmnnnn you got some sugary nugs!!! :wink:


The 60x on a jeweler loupe is what you need to be viewing with. It makes your job easier. I don’t see your pistils turned amber/brown st all which is when you really want to look at the trichromes.

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Nice plant I see you’re outside if weather permits I would try to squeeze a couple more weeks out.let those buds gain a little more weight fatten up. Good luck finishing.

Thanks to everyone for the great info! Always wondered what foxtailing was. Bought a Loupe and the 60x fell apart. Going to get a replacement. Going to let her go till amber. Live in SE no frost for a while yet. Learning a lot from this plant. Having better luck in my new tent and light.


Oops second pic sent by mistake.

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Think I have some bud rot in my GGA. One small bud has a dime size spot of bud rot. Removed the infected bud. Have read that I should take the plant now and rinse in hydrogen peroxide and dry. Trichs are a just getting cloudy. Don’t want to risk losing whole plant. Any feedback appreciated.

I’m at a loss as I’ve never had to deal with but rot. Maybe inspect the rest and see. I can’t tell if the pistils are even amber yet.

I would cut it. Gorilla glue will still be a great smoke with cloudy trichs and no amber. Cut out the bud rot and anything that resembles bud rot. There’s plenty of great bud washing videos on youtube. Highly recommended to any outdoor grow. Helps get all pesticides and fungicides off the plant plus all the crap that lands in the plant through its life cycle. I also find washed buds are tastier. Best of luck!:call_me_hand:

Thanks for the advice going to take her tonight. Don’t want to risk losing her. Going to do hydrogen peroxide wash (1cup 3 percent hydrogen peroxide per 5 gal water). She’s not going near her sisters.