Is my Tent Large Enough

Hey all. I was thinking of giving a single bucket rdwc system a try. However my tent is only 55”. Giving the height of a 5gl bucket +fan and light that doesn’t leave me much grow height in the tent. Wanted to get your opinion. I would like to try but the plants I’ve seen using this method appear to get much larger than my soil grown autos.


Could you use a 3gal bucket for RDWC? I have no clue if depth is a thing or not…just spitballing.
I grow in soil.

OH - Good Luck in your quest!

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What is max height you can hang your lights and how high from the floor will the top soil be?

I’m in 3 gallon bags with a 63" tall tent, soil level a foot even. I have an auto going now that has me reeeeeally concerned about height. They kinda do their own thing so you could luck out and get a squatty pheno, or she could be a beast.

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Just rough guessing but if you flowered at 12" high plant it may stretch 2 feet. A bucket is probably 2 feet. Can you fit your light in less then 6"?
Or if you could get a bucket less then 1 foot tall but at least 3gal or more you could maybe have better luck…
Just my 2 cents :grin:

I got one of those expandable shower curtain rods that extend out. Lets you mount lights much higher

I could get my light to within 5” it I put my fan on the outside of the tent. Been looking around for a shorter/wider tote instead of a bucket. It’s probably a stretch. Damn I wish I would have gotten the 2x2x64” tent now. Lol

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What about a single auto pot?
They got a 3.9gal one that may be shorter then a bucket, or their ez-2grow set up I think its called :thinking:
Have you seen whatvim talking about? If not Google it and checkout out, should come right up.
I started to get some sorta rdwc set up but after much research I got a autopot xl 4pot set up with spring pots. Germinate in rock wool, grow in coco and perlite, Cultivation Nation to be exact.
So much simpler then rdwc and very versatile…
If you go to autopots actually website they have so much more then 3rd party’s typically offer… and cheaper priced to of course…

Thanks. I have heard of them but never really looked into them. I’ll check them out.

So with hydro, is it important that the pot/bucket is deep? Or is a 7gl container a seven gallon container? Within reason obviously, but does a 10” deep work just as well as a 18” deep?


I would think with rdwc it wouldn’t make much difference, with something like kratky method or just a bubble bucket may need the height to leave gap for air roots…
But I could be wrong.

This is what I am thinking.

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I recommend buy the tallest tent your space will accommodate.


Think of hydro as volume. The more water you have, the easier it is to keep your ph in check.

I run two 20 gal totes (two plants) with a 18 gal reservoir. It holds 22 gal total.

You can grow in a cup of water. It wouldn’t be easy, but you can do it. You have to find a happy medium.

Best thing you can do is either get a bigger tent and go full on rdwc, or get the biggest tote possible to fill the bottom of your tent area.

They will grow in 1” of water just the same as 20” of water as long as you provide oxygen between the netpot and or in the water, as well as keep all other conditions in check.

If you know how to train and scrog and keep your plants small, you can grow in a 48” tent.
Let us know if we can help. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Short veg, topped and trained I don’t see why not

Thanks for this. Appreciate the info.
Started my purchases for system today. Will start a journal when I get everything together. Would love input through the process. Cheers

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What strain you thinking about?

Between Gorilla Glue or Bruce Banner. Haven’t decided yet

Tag me when you do. I got BB autos on the way in the mail

Will do.