Is my setup ok?

A question from a fellow grower:

I purchased super skunk seeds from you and have started growing two plants inside a 6x3 grow tent with a 300w led bulb. I planted them on 4/20 and so far the are looking great. I have a small fan in there all the time and measure and record the temp and humidity twice a day… My questions… Am I missing anything inside there? With two plants and not many neighbors I don’t need a carbon filter right? Also what is the ideal humidity for the super skunk plant inside a grow tent. Also as far a feeding what would you recommend for someone on a budget? I hear people tend to over feed. I have been composting my own soil for a year so I know it’s already nutrient dense… Phew, that’s about it for know.
Thank you in advance for any help.

In veg a plants humidity can be around 60-75%, in flower your plants can be any where from 30-50% humidity.

I would honestly recommend the fox farms trio, they are good nutrients and have great results. Honestly carbon filter depends on how much your worried about smell, and how close neighbors are