Is my seedling okay? Is this calcium deficiency?

Okay so this is how she’s looking. I dropped her a couple of days ago and she healed beautifully and is now fine. Different problem now though she has these yellow spots on her leaves and one of them is now a tiny hole. I’m very concerned. Tried Reddit they said it’s fine but I don’t believe them because it’s progressing. Please help!

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Looks like either water or nute got splashed on them

Damn maybe by accident. I’ll be more careful when watering.


Probably just from water droplets it happens quite a bit no biggy if it happens just wipe off the water gently they look good

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Too young to have deficiencies really - unless her round leaves (cotyledons) are damaged or missing, she’ll have plenty of nutrient in those leaves to get her into “veg,” when it’ll be time to worry about nutrients more. :100:

I chalk funky growth, including some discoloration and twisty leaves, up to “new leaf weirdness.” It grows out normally as long as you resist the urge to overwater her or course correct because they aren’t in need of correcting, just patience.


@Graysin Very well said. I’ve got a black widow photo that looks like someone roll in around in their fingers LoL been like that since it broke dirt🤦 5 days old and still the same.

I gotcha. It’s my first grow so I wanted to know what was going on. Glad to hear my worries are unwarranted. Thank you guys so much! Super helpful stuff.

This is so true.
If I pulled up every plant that looked wonky as a seedling I wouldn’t have very many plants.
The latest one has grown out of it and is thriving now.
It looked odd and was missing the center stalk.
Grew two shoots kinda like it was topped at the first node.

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My latest looked like this at birth:

She’s looking like this now:


Grayson’s answer for the win