Is my seed sprouting?


Hi there,
I planted my seed 4 days ago i left it under room lights in temperature of 70-75 F, i water it when it’s required by checking the wet of the soil.
There are no any signs of sprout at all so i decided to check the seed it self. I brought a small wood stick to dig it gently and found the color of the seed become slightly dark brown and the root slightly expended.
Is everything ok? With note that i am using organic type of indoor soil but not like Happy frog or Fox farm which is not available in the place where i live.


Curiosity is not good for the seed…germination can take days longer. Everything was fine.
That is a root tip…what you want, but, it should be buried a quarter inch in the soil, not laying on it.
Put some soil on it and hope it is ok.
It has been stressed now, slowed down.

Small peat pots, made for seedlings, is a safe way to start them. Some are compressed, just add water to expand them and plant in them.


takes 7-10 days to germinate


hi Steve,
when i insert the seed should i keep it immediately in the grow room under 150watt LED lights with ventilation or there is another process you can suggest ?


many put under cfl’s , T-5’s ect. If that’s all you have use them but keep 2 inches from top of soil uusing cfl’s or t-5’s for LED start a 5 inches (use the back of hand test to see of to high or low) they will germinate, is it a full spectrum, I know of one company that sells a " Seed promgrator" (enclosed) and they have led’s for lighting for germination. Yes use them – Keep us posted !!!


Hey KJN, It’s like kabongster and steve2 have said, slow down, the plant will always reward the patient, but it can frustrate the impatient. Go slow and be ready to be amazed, for something that can begin arduously slow, the speed of maturing is always amazing, and before you know it 3-4 months have gone by and your watching the slow process again. Cheers and let the baby find her way, she’ll be good to you if you are good to her. and she is a weed, so she’s pretty tough. Have fun


hey Kriswithank,
the seed remain just a seed, i checked it and i found the color become so dark and there is no root or tip. i still have one new seed i won’t use it before make sure that everything will be ok, your comments guys :expressionless:


I know the feeling waiting and thinking something wrong how far did u plant the seed I would use the paper towel method on that last seed


It is brutal waiting on their birthing into the hard cruel world…I am going through the same right now. What I tell myself is that they make it with no help form us in the wild and we just need to butt out and let life bloom!


Like everyone says, patience, patience. Now what, a little more patience. I’ve seen seeds germinate in literally hours, like 14-16 hrs. tops. How often? twice in I don’t know 150 seeds! Usual time 2-4 days, possible time 4 days and more. Longest time to germinate a seed from dry, to sprout in paper towel personally took 16 days. Don’t even know why I didn’t give up on that one. Lol.


just my opinion…growing a plant requires skill more than anything…
Starting a seed requires as much luck as skill.

Just realize, if you have done your part (temperature and humidity), IF it is a good seed, it will sprout. 1 day to 10 days, or 16 days! Don’t check, please!

Then, after sprouting, it gets more technical. Look up “damping off” now. Know your next potential problem.


I always plant the seed never do the glass of water paper towel method or anything else put seed 1/4 " or so little deeper doesn’t hurt ! BUT when you water be very gentle looks like your watering unearthed your seed bury it gently it will be OK unless its an auto flower their really touchie …good luck my brother !!!