Is my SCROG working?

First time grower here, growing GG4 autoflower. I’ve followed the steps / recommendations on this site about scrogging. Its working as expected, except for one thing: After the plant top is bent over and tied, a few days later it has reoriented itself to ‘up’ and just continues to grow taller above the screen/net. So I have to continuously tie each one down again. Are these things going to stop growing taller at some point?

Any advice?


For photo period plants, most of us the use a SCROG net will flip to flower when the net area is about 75% full. The plant will continue to grow for a time after flipping. During this period we continue to bend and tuck.

As best as I can tell with the purple lighting, your plants look good and your SCROGing is working just as it should. If you have not flipped to flower yet, be aware that the plant can double or even triple in size from the time you flip to flower and the “stretch” is done and they start stacking the buds.

Auto flower plants will grow much the same but the schedule is not dependent upon the light schedule.


Plants in flower will stretch for 4 to 5 weeks before growth stops.


that looks good, but i am also a first time scrogger myself, i just started flowering.

ya, they will grow pretty tall depending on the strain. from what i have gathered, the first net is to basically help grow it sideways and help control the height.

regardless, once flowering begins (which looks like it probably could soon, if it hasn’t already) it will grow much taller
lots of people, from what i noticed, even remove a lot of the ties or even all of them when flowering starts

this is mine.

i used the first net to help it grow sideways and filled the net, once i started flowering, i removed the ties and added the second net to basically help support the buds as they grow up. right now they are 4’ from the ground, and still have more to grow.


Welcome to the Canna-Fam Growmie. Your scrog looks good. When you take a pic next time turn off the purple light so we can see the plant. We love bud porn but also helps the gurus around here spot problems. Thanks for joining us and hope you stay awhile

As you can tell from the pics I only used one net and boy was that a terrible decision.