Is my scrog ready?


Approximately 54 days . Do you think they are ready or should I wait before switching the lights ? Some of them are 4"-6" above the screen . Screen is adjustable .



I would flip switch they do grow quite a lot during flower too much bigger and you will need extra screen


@Donaldj ,I figured they were close to flipping . I have 28 " of room left for growth . It’s going to be tight in the tent . I just might add another screen for stability later if needed . Lights are now on 6:00 am -12:00 . What time should I start the 12-12 ?


anytime that works for you it is only a 1 time disruption it makes little difference when the light change happens I don’t even change schedule I move plant into flower space and after first day they are on 12/12 cycle :wink:


I’d leave them off for a full day, then start 12/12 at 6 am the following day.


@3high5you I have heard of people doing that . I guess that helps to trigger them to change .


I’d definitely flip them. You may find it hard to find spaces to tuck once they start stretching. I ran out of space on one of mine and I wasn’t nearly as far along as you when I flipped.

Regarding the 24 dark, I haven’t seen any evidence one way or another on it. I wound up doing it but only because my electronic timer malfunctioned!

They look great, btw.



I had one bag seed plant that was smaller than the others and I waited for it to catch up and reach the screen . I’ve decided to not go 24 hours dark . It’s going to get crowded in there .Chronic Widow branches looks good . Then there is " Weirdo " . Lights were cut back today .


@nostril , @3high5you I flipped the lights to 12 - 12 10 days ago . Things are looking good .


Looking good! Enjoy! :grinning:


The girls are shaping up nicely .


Buds are popping everywhere :heart_eyes:


Thing are stacking up nicely . I have been neglecting my scrog trimming . I will trim up one more time below the screen . Just a little .


Tent #1 Chronic Widow! : I did some more trimming under the screen , dead leaves and some branches that wern’t receiving enough light . Thought I would take a few pictures . I know everyone here likes to look . lol. Including me !


The picture of the one under the LED is NOT a Chronic Widow . fyi


Pretty gals you have there! Whatever you’re doing keep it up


@MattyBear, Nothing fancy here , just twice a day visits to monitor air temperature , RH and give them a drink . The only thing I would do different would be 3 plants instead of 4 . 2X4X5 tent .The screen filled up nicely with four , it’s just hard to reach the plant in the back to trim and maintain branches .


Gonna have some nice fat buds there bud :wink:


@MattyBear, @Nug-bug , @3high5you , He are 2 phone close up photos from the scrog . The new magnifier , FF soil and other goodies are on there way from Amazon . Getting ready to drop two more Chronic Widows for scrog #2 .



Looking great @Seeddog.