Is my plants ready to harvest?

Was wanting advice on whether to harvest?!Gscimage|668x500

You should probably provide more pictures but it looks like you still got a lot of white hair going on

Thanks haven’t got much of a camera, it’s my first grow and I was just worried I had waited to long when I saw all the orange hairs.

Mines are 10 weeks old and are looking like this and still not ready… I’m in the same situation not really knowing if they have 1 or 2 weeks left… but I know you have a longer time than me


I appreciate the help, and yes they look beautiful.

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Looks to be quite a bit out white hairs sticking straight out is a big sign

Thank you I was hoping so to get a little more weight.

Mine are getting the axe over the next couple days…
Wpm and bud rot are becoming a problem!
And the look like this

And now like this