Is My Plant Turning Male?

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What are some opinions on this plant? The bud is smaller than that on others, but it still has bud. About 8-9 weeks into the flower. Fox Farm nutrients, PPM/pH are where they need to be, using a QB 288 315 watt.

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I don’t see anything that looks male to me. What makes you think it’s going hermi?

Someone thought they looked off based on opinion. This is the plant directly beside it. Easily double, triple in size.

Are they all the same strain?

They were flowered at the same time, but no, they’re not the same strand. The small tree I posted first is Gelato. I have other Gelato trees going right now that are bigger than the one I questioned, just not pictures. I’m assuming every plant produces a different yield?

This is correct, and even the same strain separate plants will produce different amounts.

Looks like you have a few nanners on there. Male parts, so you may end up with a seed here and there. They’ll be feminized, but will carry the hermie trait.

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Will that affect the other plants around this? Overall, good looking bud?

It could. Recommend to pluck the nanners.
Overall looks pretty good. It will grow just fine, but I would recommend upgrading your lighting next grow cycle. It’s appearing a bit underpowered based on flower structures.

if the nannas are ot open, pluck em. If they have already opened, dont bother as the pin was pulled and the grenade went off. I see what @Covertgrower suggests may be a nanner, though it isnt confirmed, it could be odd growth in the bud. I wouldnt stress over it, because if it is a nanner the damage is done. Just keep an eye out for boy parts and try to neuter then before they blow! Your dope will still be fine either way.