Is my plant turning into a hermie?

The photos are out of focus, but that blurry sac is typical of staminate calyxes. What I don’t see is any indication it’s a female plant (I.e pistillate calyxes)


Lol. You can see these before you post them, right?

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Lol. Yeah it’s a good thing I don’t make a living in photography. Hopefully this next picture is better.

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I would bet 2:1 that’s a male flower.

Do you see pistillate flowers anywhere?

I’ll go take a pic of some.

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Do you mind sharing what strain this is and where you got it?

It’s GG4, was a clone from a friend last year, then these are the seeds from last year… Also I went to do a double take on that plant I was showing you and your right, I can’t find a single node with two. Well I kinda knew this could happen. If I uproot this is 6 ft plant and transplanted it to a different garden several miles away could I still harvest the bud?

If it’s just a male, it won’t produce any bud. If it’s a hermie, the buds will be full of seeds.

That’s a male plant, who already open his pollen sack. Not a hermie

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Its MALE, and its toooooo LATE, the sack has opened and sent all its pollinating love out over your garden… now you have girls that are pollinated which means seeds… not good…
good thing is now that you know what to l@@k for …(the clustered groupings with NO white hairs) if you keep up your ball seeking visual you’ll never have the problem again keeping in mind that when it is time to sex your plants you got to go check your girls very often… the more you grow the better you will get at detecting those unwanted males very early in the grow

Like I said before, I don’t see any female flowers. So if it is a hermaphrodite then yes. But if it’s an XY male then there’s nothing to harvest (unless you want pollen for breeding.

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@KeystoneCops is a GREAT voice to listen to, HE NEVER FAILS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS… great advice