Is my plant too low

Hello friends. I wonder for 11 days in vegetation is my autoflowering white widow low in size? Thank you.


What do you use the fork for?

For processing soil sometimes

On the top

This is my first girl but it was regular seed. Now for auto flowering its first time.


she looks just fine for 10 days old


Can i help her somehow to be taller? When she is auto feminized? Or she decides how to be?

Hi there, welcome to the forum @Nodriges, to your query No your WW auto looks healthy and storng to me and WW is a great strain to work with and excellent results keep it up well done.

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Thanks for advice. This is my second one and thats why I’m nervous :slightly_smiling_face:


No need to be if you have any questions or concerns there is great people that will help you get through almost anything you mite run into and help you out including myself if I can no problem at all keep up the great work :v:️.


All of it looks good. Keep doing what you’re doing! Like the other members say if you have a question ask. Welcome to an awesome forum.
A couple of thoughts I have is one read the guides on the Forum. 2 ask any questions you have no matter if you think they’re mundane or silly. We all had to start learning about it sometime. I just wish I joined this website sooner than I did! And third keep a journal or a little calendar to write everything down that you do. Not only will it help you to answer questions you may have by looking back to something you did, but it will help you in the future and for other grows as well. enjoy your growing! See you around


Je akorát, a máš to v hlíně?

Is it okay, and you got it in the clay?

Hi @Mitak17 , prosím, zkuste použít tento odkaz k přeložení vašich příspěvků Nejsem si jistý, že máme mnoho česko-mluvčích členů?

Ahoj skusim jestli teď je to v pořádku, a děkuji za informaci

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Pokud to nefunguje, dejte mi vědět, že používám odkaz, který vám nyní odpovídá, a zkuste upravovat některé z vašich příspěvků, abyste získali další odpovědi :slight_smile:

When did everyone learn Czech all of a sudden? Mitak was the only person I seen speaking czech till a few days ago and now suddenly everyone speaks czech.


Oh I see, y’all are cheating!


Doufám že nekazim tento chat moc z tou češtinou :slight_smile: I hope I do not spoil this chat much with the Czech: slight_smile:


Hello friends. Again I’m bothering you. It’s 24 day of my WW autoflowering plant. It has very big leaves. Should i cut some of them or she’ll do everything itself? And she is close to the led light can it be problem for her? Thank you