Is my plant suffering from under watering or over?

I don’t know what’s wrong with my plant! It’s been like this since yesterday morning. Temperature has been at 76 with 49% humidity. I have a Mars hydro sp 3000 24 in over plant on 75% dim. (I just knocked it down to 50% while typing this) what is wrong? I watered last night when I transplanted VERY LITTLE. I transplanted because I thought maybe that was the cause of the problem. I transplanted around 7 last night. 12 hours later it’s still the same. PLEASE HELP

If there’s a photo, I cannot see it.


When I transplant I give it a really good soaking afterwards.

looks like it could be stressed from the lights. Maybe try dimming to 25%, or raise the light. Plant is still small, that’s a powerful light.

When you transplanted was the soil wet ?

If it was wet then maybe to much water not enough oxygen to roots. If it was dry could have been under watered. Since you transplanted could be stressed from this now.

I’d say lower to 25% brightness, and give her some time to bounce back.

Also I’m no expert just my opinion

Tell us in 8 hours if it’s still sagging like this my girl that’s flowering that’s under a 1000 at 10-12 in sags like that after about the 16 hour cause she’s just tired but I’m leaning towards underwatering fully saturate your medium every 4-5 days at that size and if possible boost your humidity to 60+% if you don’t have a humidifier just put a hand towel half way in a bowl of water and the “dry” half in front a fan and you’ll see about a 10%boost

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