Is my plant stunted or just very small? its not an auto any help would be appreciated

Whats the light schedule. Looks like its flowering to me which means its dark for 12 hours.

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Its on a 12/12, shouldnt it be bigger though or not really?

12/12 makes it flower.
I use 18 on 6 off in veg

Switch it so it stops flowering. but it will take a bit to start beck in veg.


Yeah you definitely want to be on 18 hrs on and 6 hrs off it will take it time to go back into veg but could possibly get big when your ready for it to go in flower usually a minimum of a month but 2 in veg is good size before switching to flower depending on your room


I would untie it and veg it for 6-8 weeks then go 12-12

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@BetrayedSoul @Hogmaster thank you guys for the help im still a newb at this but when i switch them to veg again will this be fine and theyll just take longer or will it cause them to herm?


Just depends on the Genetics could go either way but you should be fine


Thank you!! I feel way better i was like i dont think there suppose to be so small ol

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Im a noob also on my second grow.

Stick around here to learn and this group of growers will have your back anytime you need help.

@Hogmaster Thank you for your reply as well. It verified what my thoughts were.

I absolutely love these forums !!


Thanks for helping @BetrayedSoul :wink: