Is my plant retarded

A question from a fellow grower:

hi I have a question I bought 10 seeds from you guys white widow and I noticed one seems to be more green and rounder Leafs and the other ones or more straighter. The year and theOddOne doesn’t smell is strong can you tell me if I might have just got wrong seen in a batchand another thing I just germinated one and it popped up and it’s looking retarded and has maybe 5 or 6 leaves going all different directions and it’s about an inch tall is that a retard or something

Hi ClairelLGM, 

This actually, more often than not, is an indication of some form of environmental stress she has been subjected to. The most likely cause to this effect is inconsistencies in the day/night photoperiod. Something made this little lady think it was “FlowerTime” prematurely. What you are seeing is this plant trying to revert back to the state of vegetation that it was in before it made a false start into the flowering mode.
My suggestion would be to check your lighting timers and make sure their all on the same page and synced. Unfortunately, as little as two days of inconsistent photoperiods can send a plant back a couple months of development. Your little one will recover in time but it will never catch up with her siblings. Give her a new destiny perhaps raise her to become a mother!
I hope this makes sense and helps you out, or at least you remember this next time you see it. Take Care and Keep growing as long Riverzone420 - Oakland, California

Oh, and BTW, I would like to add that you will see this happening on the majority of clones talking for this ThiNG called “Monster Cropping”! Because this tHInG called “Monster Cropping” is taking a clone from a “Flowering” plant which intentionally induces the exact same stress to the clones as they are forced back into the Veg state after flowering has initiated.
Enjoy these times and live to grow… Riverzone420 - Oakland, California

I don’t necessarily see flowering or anything that indicates anything like re-vegging or anything like this at all.

I see a seedling struggling, more likely than not from the soil conditions that it is growing in.

What are the conditions it is growing in? What type of soil? What is the pH? I see twisting and splotching on the leaves that looks more like a pH imbalance or a nutrient toxicity. What is the nutrient concentration in the soil in EC or PPM and what is the pH value in the soil?

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I agree with MacGyverStoner

This person needs to fill out a support ticket but I can’t remember where it’s at. Stoner or Lakewood will know


Found it…look under. Beginner…Grow FAQ