Is My Plant Ready for Harvest?

Based on my attached photo, can anyone here please provide me with an opinion whether my plant is ready to harvest?

I planted it on August 18th. I live in Southern California so we still have warm days 70-85 and nights 55-65. We probably won’t have rain for a few more months.

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It kind of does. Do you have a way to view the trichomes?

Also a picture of the whole plant and a close up of the bud would help.

The pistils have turned to an amber color so that is good. But you really need to see the trichromes to really tell where you are at.

Are these photos more helpful?


I would like to see more bulk, but it looks like she is done.

Without a way to check trichomes, I would say she is ready.

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Mouthful. Ur calyx and nicely swollen and pistils are hidden. Maybe in the window but id be alot happier if you could loupe some trichs… $8-10 tool that should be an invaluable part of every growers’ arsenal


@PurpNGold74 Yup I agree the jeweler loupe is a must have item to check trichromes to see if the plant is ready or not.


You can use an iPhone zoomed in at 10 to check trichromes as well.


My guesstimate from the date posted above indicates you’ve got a few weeks left of bulking up, she had a very short vegg time and went right into flowering (shorter day light)assuming she’s a photo plant. If auto disregard. But imo 2-3 more weeks wouldn’t do her any harm. Hope this helps👍

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Hope this helps. Great looking plants. 2-3 weeks would be ideal. Good luck.


I can never steady myself with high enough focus to accurately check em


Hi there,
I have used a cool app called higrade. It has really helped me with harvest timing, pest ID and Nutrient balancing. I’ve been growing for myself a few years now and i think this thing is pretty handy. They also have a scope for your phone. It makes it very easy to see your trichs. After harvest and curing, you can even use it to test the THC levels in your buds. Sweeet!!

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an App that tests THC levels? yeah…


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